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Hello again, fellow newgrounders!

I changed my YouTube again but it's the last time I changed it I promise. I told myself it was about time I rejoin Newgrounds for good!

Here's my account:

I'll put some songs back on Newgrounds. I'm still very open to any projects if you would like me to compose music for you.

Rock on!

In fact I just want more people to hear my songs and make comments about them (I really like criticism and I'm really open minded). I would really like you to get a look at it. Here's the link: anger?feature=mhee

Happy Holidays!

I need more subscribers!

2011-12-02 19:16:00 by AMadJester
Updated ser?feature=mhee

In fact I don't need new subscribers but I got the idea of letting you know I've got a YouTube account on wich I put my songs too. There's even songs that I didn't post here so if hyou want you can take a look. And also you can like me on Facebook :


2011-11-17 17:04:58 by AMadJester

I finished uploading the 10 parts of the soundtrack from A Boy and His Box! It was a great experience for me to compose 17 minutes of original music in a week. I hope you liked it (and the movie too) and I hope to collaborate more with you guys by composing you some more original music.

I've reached 15 songs!

2011-11-15 21:09:08 by AMadJester

I've already reached 15 songs that I tought good enough to be on newgrounds (even if 53% of it is from one project and that there's still two more to come)! I hope I get more song projects from you guys!

Long live Newgrounds!


2011-07-14 15:18:00 by AMadJester

I never tought I'd ever have a newground account but, now, Ive got one! The newground crowd seems to be a really great crowd.